Faith isn’t blind!

Book and roseIt’s amazing this daily writing about myself. I’m so freakin’ boring! Okay, that’s a negative, but it’s sorta kinda true. This nightly exercise has me trying to come up with something profound to write about me and if truth be told, I’ve not a lot going on in my life on a good day!. I mean, I can make stuff up which defeats the purpose. And in this instant I’ve just realized (hmm, might well be related to old Oedipus) this is also tres narcissistic which, has pros and cons. Ah ha!

Anywho, today was a good day. Good food, good exercise, and good rest. I’ve a lot of research to do over the next few days, so I must get into that space. I will do.

OH, and I bought my winning lottery ticket today. Woot!

My wish tonight is for faith. I grew up in a devout Roman Catholic household where faith was blind. Over the years, I’ve waffled on that concept. Now I believe faith isn’t blind but rather, all-seeing. When one follows their “gut”, they are being true to an instinct, a higher calling. As a collective, our hearts have been called over the millennia but we’ve ignored and too often (maybe still) violently silenced those voices. Today there is a resurgence of those who know with no doubt their gut is “faith”. And their gut is singing loud and clear. Full circle, I’d say. So it would seem it’s not narcissistic to talk about one’s day if it is in an effort to acknowledge an inner voice, to hear the song of a calling. Methinks it is true faith. Amen.

Till tomorrow my lovelies.


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