Always learning…

Wales from West KirbyTonight’s post is inspired from a recent discussion. Okay, I hear you asking, “Uh, and that’s different from all your other posts, how?” Good point. I’ll do some ‘splainin’.

The content of my posts is by me, about me. It’s my thoughts on, well, on how I feel about personal stuff and life, mostly. While it could, so far it’s neither been a soapbox for my particular political views, nor a platform to promote my ideologies. Philosophies espoused by me here are those I’m deploying in the moment. If they don’t work for me, I’ll be telling you all right quick!

It’s also not been a place for me to air any dirty laundry except my own. And that’s as it should be because it’s me talking to me in an effort to get real; get my shit together. It’s not about finger pointing which, I don’t believe is effective anywho. My ultimate goal is to move into whatever stage number this particular one is (there’ve been many) with passion and purpose, and live the rest of my life in awe, and with gusto.

So when a friend suggested I write about a topic we were chatting about, a topic I’m close to, I decided to give it some thought. As with any thing I plan to write about that’s not stream of consciousness, I do my homework. Research is key. I can’t make statements, broad or narrow sweeping, without fact checking. And that’s where the idea died a quick death.

Exploration led me down a dark path exposing cruelty beyond imagination. To delve further wasn’t an option. My heart ached, my stomach became nauseous, and I wept more and more with each new page. My body was screaming, “No, please, no more!”

Research confirmed that unparalleled barbarism is practiced against the innocents on this planet. Furthermore, our insatiable need for more, and an uncanny ability to deny culpability, seals the fate of these lives far into the future. I want to know nothing more. I’ve seen enough. I’ve now leaned more than enough. But let me be clear, not elaborating on the gory details of an aberration, does not mean I am not paying attention. Quite the contrary.

It is my belief that the greatest change starts in my own head and in my own heart. Discussing horrors and perceived wrongs enhances them. Illuminating evil in an attempt to denounce it is fruitful when, and if, the practice ceases. Most “talk” fuels the pain-body. That’s not what I want and it is not the blog’s intent.

So, I must do what enhances my well-being. I’ve been looking inward to see how I can become kinder and gentler because that’s truly, unequivocally, where change happens. Of course, I can join the protest marches, and sign the petitions, but my energy is what I share overtly every minute of every day and it can and it must radiate peace, calm, and love from wherever I am.

I’m not wrapping tonight with the “wish” portion. Instead, I’m including a link to a website and You Tube video. I hope you enjoy.

To infinity and beyond…until tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Always learning…

    1. Frances Sullivan

      I hope so. Or at least adopt a spirit of change that deconstructs what isn’t working for us? New paradigm. New earth. We can dot it!! 😁


  1. Christine Newland

    It is very difficult to keep one’s mind from reviewing all the hurts and wrongs in this world but it is I agree, it is worth the effort.


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