WatchersAfter an interesting day that offered a few new options to consider, tonight was just fun. Dinner was scrumptious and then, a play. Now those who know me well know I don’t hang out in theatres much anymore. When I do it’s usually on the invitation of another. I must admit, I seem to enjoy most plays I attend, though, and tonight was no exception. A one-act Pulitzer winner, the two actors of Talley’s Folly skilfully chat up and down and all around before getting to the point – love.

The dialogue I listened to this evening reminded me of the danger of secrets and hidden shame. How often do we push others away, run from an opportunity, or not ‘show-up’ because we assume we’re not loveable or that part of our history prevents us from being good enough, right enough, worthy? Probably, for most of us and certainly for me, a lot.

So here’s my wish for tonight and it’s a repeat of a recent one; communication. Communication can bring about magic. Speak your heart. Voice your love for another and share your shame. If that person turns away, they are shallow and they are not worthy. The person who is worthy will help you shed light on your struggles, and with their help you might release that shame. The honest, caring folks will hang with you, listen until your story is finished and you, spent. It’s then the magic can happen. Here’s to magic!

Over and out.

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