What day is it? Why it’s day 49!

IMG_0182While driving into the city today I allowed feelings of gratitude to overwhelm me. As funny as it sounds, I thought I might be glowing. Hard to say for sure because it was a sunny afternoon, but I bet if it’d been dark…well…right…it wasn’t dark…but if it were I bet I’d of lit up the car! Just saying.

Anywho, while rolling down the highway basking in the vibes, I suddenly had a thought. An ah-ha, thought! Okay, let me explain. I have to go back a bit to do that so that this will make sense.

Receipt of asked for work, was lovely. What I didn’t tell you was that I had a niggling urmhpy about it all. What I’m doing is not what I want to do – it’s not how I want to earn a living. Full of gratitude, yes, still somewhat ruffled. But that’s where the, ah-ha moment, comes in.

Remember discussions we’ve had about responsibility? Well, here’s where I take full responsibility. I was not specific. I did not see myself doing what I really want; did not ask the universe for work as a writer, work that would sustain me doing what I’m good at, and what I love. The universe responded rapidly to my request for funds, but I did not have enough faith – neither in myself nor the law of attraction – to be specific.

So here goes.

The question is, “Supporting myself is important. How can I do that in the most fulfilling way?” Writing. Everything I want to do stems from that. I want to continue to write stories and make a good living doing it.

Now, of course, I’m still grateful. I’ll head off to do what’s being offered in the now, but know I’ll be quickly shifting gears. I’m getting incredibly adept at that. too.

There you have it. Now, let’s all watch and see what happens next.

I am sooooo excited!!

My wish for you all is courage. Try and take away one net. See if you land safely. Try it. Just once. OH, but you must believe you’ll be okay.

P.S. A friend had to say goodbye to her partner, her husband, her friend, a couple of nights ago. It was a very surprising and sudden farewell. Think of her via moi, please. Thank you. And now, remember to tell those in your life, how much you love them.



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