Changes and chats on day 44.

Day 44’s message, or written commentary more like, will be short. I’ve been up since the wee small hours, and off to Pearson to pick up Willow and Sam. So nice. Their flight was early. Gosh I love the arrival’s gate! I cried watching three separate reunions before seeing my girl. One very senior matriarch from Africa, after being greeted with shrieks of joy, tears, and hugs, prostrated herself and kissed the ground. I wept. It’s simply a happy place.

My kid didn’t feel the need to kiss the ground but was very happy to see her momma.

Willow (formerly known as Molly), Sam and I had lovely chats today. Time trapped in a car lends itself to that, but it’s just how we talk when together. It speaks to me of what I miss, need, and want a lot more of.

We stopped in London for dinner before carrying on to her dad’s. I returned via the countryside. It was a lovely, leisurely drive. However, as a result, it’s late now, and I need to wind down before mediation and bed.

Before I say goodnight, though, I will tell you a little secret. When Molly asked me about changing her name and told me her choice, I wholeheartedly approved! It so suits her. However, she said she was going to go by one name. Yesterday, I saw she had added to it, and her choice of names tugged at my heart’s memory. She is now Willow Elizabeth Dawn. She has kept the name most precious to me so it will carry on. Lawra has my former first name as her middle name. Isn’t that something?

It’s interesting to me that this, uh, serendipitous happening with the names, is exactly that, unplanned. OH, and affirms further the turn of phrase, ‘nothing is ever lost’. Woot.

Today, I wish for you good conversations.

Over and out.


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