Plans on day 36

Saturday night on this Mother’s Day weekend and I’m watching Northanger Abbey ruminating over what to write about. Earlier, I was overcome by a fearful thought that this cavalier venture of mine would render me empty – totally void of words and thoughts. The notes, as a result, would become shorter and more the tedious in nature, quite banal. You see, my days are quiet days, mostly. Where do I draw inspiration? What am I doing with purposeful intent to make this year of re-doing effective? And then I realized the writing is an accounting, and there’s always that to be done – everyday. Whew.

So here it is day 36 and I admit to doing nothing much today at all – no reading, or writing, and certainly no arithmetic. (Haha. I don’t do arithmetic.) Suddenly, late in the day. I realized my solitary and sloth-like state isn’t serving me. It’s a pattern in need of adjusting, changing up. I promptly googled for any manner of social something that would suit, and found a women’s group that gets together here in London for walks, hikes, etc. etc. I filled in their online info form and clicked send. Proactive response, yeah? It feels good. Of course, you’ll hear more about it – this group – as ‘whatever’ unfolds.

Another thing I think might be good to do, is a weekly revisit. I recapped on day 31, but briefly. If I look at the week every Saturday or Sunday, it would help me, assist with either keeping me on path, or pointing me toward another. It’d certainly keep me more accountable. I fear I’ve been purposely avoiding some issues lately which isn’t helpful at all. So, with all that idea in mind, I’ll write a few thoughts about this past week.


  1. Attitude of gratitude. It’s my intent to be mindful of this daily.
  2. Yoga practice. While not daily, developing well.


  1. Waking and sleeping patterns.
  2. Time management. I don’t think I need to say more about that.

Oh golly. Now that I’ve written it down, I’m feeling – uh – unsettled. I’ve been ignoring, actually hiding, some issues that need to be discussed but tonight’s not the night. Primarily because I’m not sure how to address them. I will. There are blocks in them – no surprise – so as soon as I can, I will put them in their proper place.

Tomorrow, however, I hope to re-kick start a couple of things like earlier rising time, and more efficient use of my time. I.e., making the most of it. Maybe it’s time to make some lists?

And with that, I’ll let you all go.

Let your light shine, ya’ll.

Over and out.


2 thoughts on “Plans on day 36

  1. Christine Newland

    Sounds like it turned out to be a productive day after all Frances. i am so glad you joined that group! As far as getting to talking about what you need to address….it will happen when it is supposed to happen. Today was a good day and that is what matters most. ❤


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