Mist, a horse, and a change of view on day 30.

Watching the sunrise this morning, I remembered those Saturdays when, as a little girl, I’d rise at dawn and race to the stables on my bicycle. I loved riding into the dawning of a day. Amigo, my splendid horse, would hop over the bits of mist that formed above the path. It made me giggle every time. The imaginary obstacles startled him while, of course, I knew they were mere mist. Perception.

When I dismounted and walked beside my lovely boy gently coaxing him to step into the mist, he eventually stopped leaping along the trail like a rabbit. I lost my giggles, but felt better for it because as cute as it was at first, it was wrong to make him bunny hop along for no good reason. There was sure to be lots more chances for laughter.

Life can be like that, I think. We respond to a lot of things based solely on perception. Our responses over time, if not altered, become our patterns. It’s not a particularly welcome idea that much of our time might well be being spent jumping over walls of mist, but it’s pretty much true. Why didn’t someone point it out, walk you through the mist so to speak? Well, they might have for one occasion but not so for another. There’s probably some hit and miss with perceptions.

Like Amigo, when young, we perceive the goings on in the world with innocence and naiveté. At various points as we mature into our life, it’s up to us to revisit our responses. Am I jumping over an obstacle, or is it mist? It’s not always easy and certainly not always comfortable, but it’s necessary to ask other questions like: Are we acting out from a place of hurt? If so, what’s hurt us? Are we responding to this situation with anger because we’ve always done it this way so it must be right? Once we take the time to source out an answer, we begin to see things differently. We then respond differently. It’s almost automatic.

And so just like that day half a century ago when I walked beside Amigo through the mist, today I urged a hurt little girl to walk through it, too.

The blocks are beginning to dissolve one perception at a time.

End of day 30.

For you all I desire peace, love, and understanding.

Till tomorrow.


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