Dream a little dream…

Napoleon Hill said the imagination is the most inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known. While I believe Hill’s statement I can honestly say I’ve not paid it much mind, given it any deep consideration, until lately. Now, after turning it over a few dozen times in my mind and reviewing it from a …

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After an interesting day that offered a few new options to consider, tonight was just fun. Dinner was scrumptious and then, a play. Now those who know me well know I don’t hang out in theatres much anymore. When I do it’s usually on the invitation of another. I must admit, I seem to enjoy …

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A miracle on the fifth day!

On May 23rd. I publicly declared a desire to make my living as a writer. Today I was asked to consider the role of ghost blogger for a local company with offices in several cities. Their only stipulation was would I please stay in London for a few months until this project gets its wings. …

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Questions and good people

Today was an interesting day. I vegged mostly. Rather than trying to direct my thoughts, instead I allowed some uncomfortable feelings to surface and I also allowed some ugly memories to pass through that cinema in my head. It’s all good as in I’m fine. I think I’m learning some stuff, too. I might actually …

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Good words – bad visuals. It is what it is…sigh.



All you need.

Lots of saying goodbye lately. Tomorrow I’ll say another bittersweet one to my girl who jets back to the UK. That one's relatively easy to recover from unlike a friend who said a final farewell to her beloved today. She’ll not bounce back so quickly, I fear. Selfishly, I can only sympathize with her loss. …

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Unconscious no more. Oh, and an end to numbers…for now.

The works of Carl Gustav Jung were introduced to me when I was fifteen. It was a time when the only name that mattered to most was Freud. I, rather than blaming my mother for all the ills of the world, or focussing on penis envy, immersed myself in psychological analytics which strove to facilitate …

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It’s day 50. NO! It’s day 51!! Oops.

Oops is right. I missed a blog, or rather I lost a day numerically. Looking back, I found entry 32 was followed by a titled post with no number, then succeeded by 33 which, of course, should’ve been 34. Wow. Further proof I’m an unlikely candidate for accountancy work. Phew. I was beginning to get …

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What day is it? Why it’s day 49!

While driving into the city today I allowed feelings of gratitude to overwhelm me. As funny as it sounds, I thought I might be glowing. Hard to say for sure because it was a sunny afternoon, but I bet if it’d been dark…well…right...it wasn’t dark...but if it were I bet I’d of lit up the …

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Ah, day 48 was bloody amazing! I was offered another job – woot. Isn’t the Universe amazing? I asked and it was delivered. It’s also something to do with instant manifestation promised by the number 10, methinks, because I’m using Frances with more gusto each day. Anywho, I’m getting my feet under me it seems. …

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