Waking up on day 26!

Wow. Today was amazing. It started out not so great because, well, because I wasn’t in the best place. Bahwham! I’m hit by a message from a friend – an advisor – questioning exactly where I’m coming from in this blog. I thought, ‘crap, not liking this!’ That’s when the yucks took control. I felt kinda sick, if truth be told. My head started swimming, my stomach turning. What to do? And then it hit me.

Remember I’ve talked a couple of times already about questions and how, when things are confounding us, we need to figure out how to ask the right question or questions in order to get in sync? Yeah, well today I put that into practice.

So I believe that thoughts create an energy flow inside and outside us. This energy attracts its likeness. Yes, this is the basis of the ever-so-popular, even trendy, Law of Attraction. And it’s pretty simple. If I’m thinking, “Crap, I feel like shit,” then my energy will be shitty, and I’ll even – yes, I will – end up attracting shitty experiences.

The opposite experience occurs when I think positive, happy, thoughts like, “I’m a goddess.” When I think that way I glow, am confident. I attract wonder and wonderful things into life. Each thought I have informs my energy, and, in turn, my energy manifests as a part of any experience.

So, what’s my question I hear you asking? Well, today it was this, and remember I wasn’t feeling great:

How can I feel better and be the energetic match necessary to attract more awesomeness into my life?

And that was it. I put it out and got on with my day.

Now, just for a sec, before I go on with today’s blogsaga, I want to get back to the old Law of Attraction. I need to mention that it’s not for sissies. If you decide to attract and don that cloak of awesomeness, you’ve got to move any boulders that might be in your way creating obstacles to your receiving what you desire. Oh, and you’ve got to make room in your closet for that cloak. In other words, get serious about what’s inside your head and do some honest cleaning.

And now, back to the story.

A short time ago, I learned something a bit new. It was about feelings. The teaching suggested that everything is manifested through a feeling. In other words, my first goal is to feel good. Did I feel bad? Yes. A lot actually. Inside, about myself etc. and so on and so forth. And so what happened today?

Well I asked that big question about attracting awesomeness and went about the day as mentioned. Ho hum until suddenly, serendipitously with angelic synchronicity, I felt the shift. I knew what was being asked of me, why my pal was raising concerns about my intention.

I’ve been letting my thinking dive more deeply into negativity than I realized. It was not my original intention – not at all. I know that when I feel good I bring goodness into my life. It’s law. What on earth was I doing and no wonder it’s been such a roller coaster!

So here’s a newish plan. Of course there might be the odd boulder that’ll need moving, but my intention is to raise the level of discussion on this blog. The only restrictions around are those I allow, so by getting rid of limits and believing, we will set off for infinity and beyond! (Thanks for that line, Buzz Lightyear.)

A positive trajectory feels good. I feel refreshed and inspired to ask lots more questions knowing the search for answers will direct me to become more aligned with my desires, too. Oooh, I think that’s another lesson.

Okay, that’s it for tonight. Much love.

Namaste ya’ll. Over and out!


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