25. Nepal.


Day 25 was challenging. I ate little because of the move which has set me behind. When I move, I get bogged down for a bit until I sort out where things are and the like. That’s okay. I have days like that normally, too. Work was good although several clients did not show. And lastly, my car needed some attending to which means I’ve got to spend some unexpected coinage to keep it on its tracks. The latter took the wind out of my sails.

Remember yesterday, I wrote about money? I find the issue of money strenuous. It appears I’ve more to sort out about it, though. So I’ll do what I can by facing it all with gratitude trusting that all will be well.

With that written, I feel the doubts rise up. But then I think, money’s no different than any other challenge that repeats itself. Whatever the problem or obstacle is in a life, it’s there for a reason, it’s there to teach a lesson. Some problems are easily figured out. Take Nepal and those at Everest’s Base Camp. The survivors had one job – assist the injured. Simple. Take Nepal again, and those in Kathmandu needing water, shelter, or food. Somebody has to bring it to them. It’s that simple. Take Nepal yet again. The long road ahead is not so simple, but everyone will have to move through each moment taking one step at a time. People who can will help the grieving bury their dead, the homeless find shelter, and the orphaned, a family. In the wake of such catastrophic events, that is what is always done.

I’m wondering if there’s a message in that musing for me. I have always moved on. Somehow, I’ve made it through, I’ve buried my dead, survived suicide attempts, and found family. The odds were sometimes against me, but the will to try again another day was and remains strong. I want to see what tomorrow brings. So, I will got to sleep praying in this moment for insight and courage.

In the meantime, I also need to send healing, strength, and courage to a people in mourning. To the Nepalese community, my heart aches with yours.

I’m sure there are and will be fundraisers for these people. Let’s help them. They are a unique society and their home one of the planet’s sacred places.

I wish you all peace, and safe shelter tonight.

Namaste. Over and out.

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