19 days so far and so good…I think.

Day 19 is a 10 so it’s my day. Woot!

The number 10/1 brings all sorts of new changes into your life, and there seems to be an element of luck within those energies. Through this vibration you have the insight to recognize and understand the needs of humanity, and the ability to bring peace and harmony to all.

#10 resonates with the vibrations and energies of leadership, optimism, confidence, independence, creative powers, success, energy, originality, adaptability, determination and individuality.

The number TEN reduces to the single digit of 1. The 0 appearing with the number 1 amplifies and magnifies the vibrations, energies and attributes of the numbers it appears with.

Leadership, confidence, optimism, energy, independence, creative power and every, success, original, adaptable, individualisation, determination.

OMG, that is like SO me. Okay, what? STOP judging me!

As you know if you’ve been following along (shame on you if you’ve not), the number 10 is the number of my new name. I definitely need to grow (quickly) into this number because it sounds powerful, yeah? Kind of scary but, I think I’m ready for it. Maybe it’s all tied to Re-do 365 which will help me live up to this description. And hey, if I want to, it is so!!

Today was good but have to ‘fess that I slept in. Apologies. I got up at 6:30 to pee and thought it was too early. I was sure I wouldn’t sleep long if I crawled back under the covers, but I did. Anywho, back on track for tonight.

Last thing for now is to tell you that I’ve a new temporary place to hang my panties. A long-time friend has offered a room and it’ll be great until I can figure out my next steps. That’s a load off.

And with that, it’s closing in on 9:30. I have to wash me face, brush me teeth, and head to the meditation pillow. OH yeah, that’s a daily routine. You should try it, you might like it!!

Till tomorrow.

Namaste ya’ll. Over and out.

P.S. Heads up. Gonna vlog tomorrow. Gonna be a good one. Tune in.

2 thoughts on “19 days so far and so good…I think.

    1. ... Sullivan

      You are right, leon. I do my yoga in the morning but hope to expand med to twice a day. I find the 20 – 30 min at night lets me sleep. 🙂


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