18 already…


So I wrote about me getting into a sleep routine yesterday. So far so good. I know it’s only ONE night. But it’s a start, yeah? Tonight (fingers crossed) will be night numero dos.

The other thing I wrote about was watching “The Secret”. Now, I’m sure it’s not the be all and end all for everyone, and furthermore, flaws might be easily found, but that’s not what I see or hear. When I watch it and listen to the stories, the messages empower me. I hear voices iterate and reiterate a message of healing and living with choice. The choice is whether to live with limit, lack and disease, or to live with abundance, wellness, and unlimited possibility. I choose the latter!

And so of course, right now I’m feeling kind of yucky. In spite of all the good feelings moving through me, when I felt put on the spot, what did I do? I lied. Moments ago I let the old pridey crap rise up, and then I get all in my huffy zone feeling threatened and a loser, and from there decide a lie is better than the truth. What the hell? I need to take responsibility for that. Blah. Once again I’m reminded that I need to communicate more clearly and with absolute honesty, and when I cannot, keep my feckin’ mouth shut! Sigh.

Okay, enough with the true confessions. But seriously, what comes over me? Okay, I know what comes over me and I’m happy for one thing – I know I’m doing it. By coming clean, I start to put some solid distance between loving, kind me and pridey, self-defensive, easily threatened me. Woot!!

And with that, it’s back to all those really good feelings inspired by the message in “The Secret”. Lovely. Such gratitude.

Till tomorrow. Night night.

Namaste ya’ll. Over and out.

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