Day 2

I’ll get a bit adventurous at some point soon with numbers. After all, we’ve a barrel full to get through. I’m not feeling particularly creative today though. Day 2 will have to do. 

I hope your Saturday was a good one. Mine was wonderful. The second day of Re-do 365 (just came up with that name) was grand.  Here’s why.

Sleep was sound. I was awake until almost 5 AM but slept till 8 dozing till 10 AM. In spite of my best efforts, waking usually also rouses difficult thoughts. As is my practice, I close my eyes and give thanks. Nothing special, just thanks. Sometimes I tell myself love is me, I am loved. Today I simply repeated ‘I am grateful’ and soon the dank mind fog lifts. 

When I got up, I headed to my yoga mat. I stretched for about 15 then zeroed in on a couple postures that need attention. 1. Sirasana or head stand and 2. Navasana or boat pose. I’ll start posting pictures because there’s sure to be a lot of change in my ability and flexibility over the year. Can’t help but. Anywho, finished, made a fruit smoothie and coffee, wrote for a few hours then out went for a walk that didn’t happen. Way cold. Did buy some lovely groceries and vitamins, though. Oh, and the plan for a walk was forced. I’d have sooner stayed in playing computer solitaire. 

Dinner was an Amy’s pot pie with a side of sauerkraut and a glass of wine. Now, here’s where I’ve an issue. I drink too much. I feel so much better when I have nothing – not even a glass. Tonight, I cut myself off. Proud of that. Hurray. 

And so now it’s off to bed so I can get back to a routine. I’ll meditate for 20, first. That, by the way, makes a huge difference. It’s a really helpful thing. We can talk more about that later, yeah? 

Love, light and peace to ya’ll. Be gentle. Be kind and hope I come up with something tons more interesting, or funny to write about! I will, promise. Night. 



5 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Lovely photo! I have so many questions on meditation and a non-existent practice thereof although I have been steered in that direction for over 5 years now. This is on my urgent to do list.


  2. ... Sullivan

    First a challenge and then we’ll chat about any questions for sure. Okay? Get a timer. Sit. Get comfortable. Shift till you find a position you like and feel you can comfortably stay in. It’s about comfort. Now, take a deep breathe. Set the timer for 1 minute. Take another deep breathe and close your eyes then focus on each consecutive breathe moving in and out of your nostrils. Ding! You’re done. I must caution you though. Meditation is habit forming! I’m going to send you my email in a PM on FB. I’ve no doubt you will love the practice and find it helpful in many ways. xx


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